project 1 - space and scale

scale and space: end of exploration

Looking at my year plan, I realise that I have only a week left on this project in which to develop some ideas and, if I have time, work up a final image. So now is the time to draw a line under the exploratory phase. What I need to do now is review what I’ve done so far, and decide on the avenues I think are ripe for further development.

Because of other commitments, including visiting the Gerhard Richter exhibition, I won’t have time to do any more work until Monday.

In the meantime here is a lovely image from the NASA site and my failed attempt to capture it.

image from NASA website
improvisation based on the above, acrylic on A1 paper

1 thought on “scale and space: end of exploration”

  1. Hi Alison,
    Your final sentence should read “……..and my first attempt to capture it.”
    There is no such word as ‘failure’ in Art vocabulary.
    I like your interpretation of the photo!

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