life class

life class : hot and cool contrasts

These picture were done against contrasting background. On the left the figure has cool shadows and is against a hot background, on the right she has warm shadows against a cool background. I’m not sure what this demonstrates, but it was an enjoyable exercise. I’m starting to loosen up a bit and am quite pleased with the left hand painting.

cool nude on a hot background, warm nude on a cool background, acrylic on paper, each image is A2

3 thoughts on “life class : hot and cool contrasts”

  1. These are amazing Alison. You’ve really got the idea of ‘loose indication’ in your painting. I like both studies, but agree that the most emotionally stimulating is the one with the hot background.

  2. I love these! You are brilliant. my favourite is the one one the left as I like the idea of being cool in a hot situation……….

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