project 2 - light

light: diversion

This week I took a short detour from my current project theme (‘Light’).

St Livrade. France, holiday snap

Rather than continue to make exploratory sketches etc, I had an urge to do a painting from a holiday snap that my Dad took some years ago. The effect of light and shade is quite dramatic and makes for a strong composition.

St Livrade, charcoal sketch, 42 cm x 30 cm

Last year I did a couple of preliminary sketches from the photo – one in charcoal, and ….

St Livrade, acrylic on paper, 38 cm x 27 cm

…… a sketch using acrylic, which I like as it has a fresh feel.








Last week I did two more pictures. The first is another using acrylic. I took longer over it than the sketch above. I tried using a palette knife.  The result  is heavier than I was hoping for. The second image is a water-colour. I’ll draw a line under this little diversion for now, and return to collecting some more exploratory images next week.

St Livrade, acrylic on board, 53 cm x 43 cm
St Livrade water-colour



4 thoughts on “light: diversion”

  1. I love the watercolour and acrylic sketch and was trying to figure out why I liked the large acrylic less. I think it is that there is less of a ‘light-filled’ feel to the buildings where the street curves out of sight. The light streams in from the side street and ought to illuminate the tall building on the curve more, maybe. Or have I misread it? Actually, it seems the large acrylic is a better rendition of the photograph but I still prefer the watercolour version 🙂

    1. I appreciate your comments. I’ve been trying to work out where the sun is – at first, like you, I thought the source of light was from the side street on the right, but I think the sun is high up on the left. Anyway – I’ll have another stab at it at some point when I’ve looked at some Utrillo for inspiration! Thanks for the feedback on LPW.

  2. Alison- this is very strong work- I especially liked the 2 acrylics. Unlike Tony I preferred the large one, especially the bold use of colour.

  3. Hi Alison,
    I prefer the final acrylic. The colours are strong and ‘solid’ befitting the subject. The watercolour is well executed and ‘safe’ in my opinion.
    Personally, I would have created a stronger contrast for the light streaming into the background of the acrylic.
    I really like your treatment of the road surface.
    Perhaps you could do another in oils!

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