project 3 - change and decay

change and decay: exploring colour and texture

Here is a watercolour sketch of a moss-covered brick and a sketch of a dried up acanthus. My original aim with the brick was to capture the contrast between the mossy and rough textures.


The acanthus image – above left –  is one I’ve applied a ‘chalk and charcoal’  effect to with Microsoft Photo Editor. On the right I experimented with warm and cool colours , although I’m not really sure what I was trying to achieve.  In the end I wasn’t happy with these images. So, in the spirit of ‘change and decay’ I decided to tear them up and use the bits as material for a collage. The composition for the collage is loosely based on a photograph of decaying things taken from the garden.


 Progress on this project has been slow, so I’m not giving myself an artificial end-date. I’ll stop when I’ve dried up or feel I want to move onto something different.