project 5 - Manet / Conrad


I want to improve how I handle oil paint. To get some experience in, I’ve turned to one of my favourite painters – Manet.  The task I’ve set has been to copy his work as accurately as possible using actual sized details from copies of his paintings. I’m really pleased with how they have turned out and with what this exercise has taught me.

It’s made me try out a looser approach. But there is nothing casual about Manet’s work – each brushstroke counts and the exercise has made me appreciate how Manet closely observed and captured what he was looking at. For my next project I’ll have a stab at a portrait following Manet’s technique as well as I can.



Aylestone canal and British Museum

Before Christmas I took some photos of the canal in Aylestone at sunset. I liked the intensity of the sun on the trees and branches and the contrast with the darker sky and reflections. I had a go at capturing this from the photo in water-colour and oil paint.

canal sunset

This next one is the oil painting. I’m pleased with the light effect on the trees and with the reflections, but overall I consider this effort as a learning exercise. I need to work more at how to handle paint.

canal sunset 001

The next two are watercolours.

canal sunset 003

canal sunset 005

I spent a couple of hours in the British Museum on Saturday and made a few sketches. I though I’d come away full of inspiration and ideas, but I didn’t. I’ve used an editor to liven up some of these images.