project 5 - Manet / Conrad

Conrad – portrait 1

Conrad, oil painting
Conrad, oil painting

I’ve tried to apply what I learnt from the Manet studies (see previous post) in a portrait of Conrad. I struggled with this painting. First I didn’t capture a true likeness from the outset. Conrad sat for me, but I  had to resort to taking a photo to copy from. Then I went back to painting from life to get a reality check and finish the picture off. Along the way I compared monochrome photos of a draft and a photo to see how the tonal values compared.

I’m pleased with the finished painting, but I lost the plot a far as learning from Manet is concerned. My application of paint is not done with flourish or confidence or assurance. It is tentative. I will have another go and this time give myself a time limit – this might force me to be more bold in the handing of the paint. These are pictures of work in progress:



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