Walton ’63

I’ve been making digital copies of family slides using Veho software and scanning device. I’m particularly fond of the snaps of our family holidays in Walton-on-the-Naze back in the 1960’s. But it’s the nature of slides that they stay hidden in boxes for most of the time. I wondered about using these images as material for some paintings, and if they worked, they could be on display, rather than tucked away.
I chose three quirky snaps, of Mum, Dad and one of me and my brother standing on a breakwater. I decided to keep the wonky horizons and washed out colour and used watercolour as this would capture the brightness of a slide transparency.

Next, I’m either going to re-do these as a triptych,  including painting the slide frames so they are all in one picture, or I’m going to use another holiday snap of me, my brother and Mum, which was taken using Kodachrome and has fantastically rich colour.