project 9 - still life abstract

abstract still life – finished versions

I’ve finished with abstracts for the time being.


abstract 015

abstract 012

project 9 - still life abstract

project 9 – palettes

Sticking with the original composition / sketch I used for the warm-up exercise, (previous post) today I did two more sketches and focused on different combinations of warm / cool colours. I took my colour  inspiration from Ivon Hitchens and August Macke. Not pleased with the results because I haven’t really captured their colours, nor have I developed from the first lot of sketches. I think part of the problem is that I’m looking at abstract from the outside – in, rather than having an intention or specific problem to pursue.  I’ve been to the library to do a bit more research and I’ll give some more thought to how to develop. Here are today’s efforts:

palette 001


palette 002

project 9 - still life abstract

abstract still life – warm up exercise

I’m developing on the last project (still life). My aim is to produce something non-representational; I’ve been inspired by a recent exhibition of work by Ivon Hitchens at the Goldmark Gallery in Uppingham.

The starting point is an enlarged section of a charcoal sketch of the still life. Today I did a series of small sketches in acrylics as a ‘warm-up’. Not sure where this is leading at this stage, but I’ll ponder on them tonight and decide what works best.


still life project

Here is some of the work I’ve done relating to a course taken at Embrace Arts, Leicester. The topic was still life. We were asked to select unimportant objects. I explored a few different selections including things from the garden shed, small items taken from my mother’s desk and some pots and a bottle.  I discovered Morandi, I thought more about Bonnard and use of shadows, and explored using cool and warm colours together more. I’m pleased with what I’ve done during the course and I began to stray out of my comfort zone a little.