project 9 - still life abstract

abstract still life – finished versions

I’ve finished with abstracts for the time being.


abstract 015

abstract 012

project 9 - still life abstract

project 9 – palettes

Sticking with the original composition / sketch I used for the warm-up exercise, (previous post) today I did two more sketches and focused on different combinations of warm / cool colours. I took my colour  inspiration from Ivon Hitchens and August Macke. Not pleased with the results because I haven’t really captured their colours, nor have I developed from the first lot of sketches. I think part of the problem is that I’m looking at abstract from the outside – in, rather than having an intention or specific problem to pursue.  I’ve been to the library to do a bit more research and I’ll give some more thought to how to develop. Here are today’s efforts:

palette 001


palette 002

project 9 - still life abstract

abstract still life – warm up exercise

I’m developing on the last project (still life). My aim is to produce something non-representational; I’ve been inspired by a recent exhibition of work by Ivon Hitchens at the Goldmark Gallery in Uppingham.

The starting point is an enlarged section of a charcoal sketch of the still life. Today I did a series of small sketches in acrylics as a ‘warm-up’. Not sure where this is leading at this stage, but I’ll ponder on them tonight and decide what works best.

project 3 - change and decay

change and decay – seeing treasure in the compost heap

I’ve just finished a picture where I took a few random photos of the compost heap to give a possible starting point.


                      I sketched out a couple of compositions from the above:

In these two sketches I was looking for strong diagonals. Also I decided to try a square composition. Why? Simply because the compost heap is square, and I was interested in creating a pattern rather than something representative. Next I did a colour palette.

I wanted to have a contrast of jewel-like colours with more muted ones, plus a contrast of cool and warm. Bringing it together, I started on the picture in acrylics; this shows work in progress:

and this is the final version:

I’ve achieved what I intended, which is a lively and colourful image, but I had something more intricate in my mind’s eye at the outset.  There is also something menacing about this picture, which I hadn’t intended.

project 2 - light

light: stained glass digger

Today I’ve produced my last image for this project, ‘Light’. My starting point was the ‘abstract’ picture of the digger. Using a cut out view finder, I chose a composition from within the picture to enlarge.

This is the A1 sheet I’ve produced from the extract. I used tissue paper and indian ink. I’ve achieved what I intended to – which is to create something lively, luminous – a bit like a stained glass window effect.


project 1 - space and scale

Scale and space: not quite the end

I didn’t make much progress on the project this week, although I am scheduled to finish it today. A friend has pointed out that I can negotiate an extension with myself, so that’s what I’ve done and I’ll finish off on Monday. Meanwhile, here are some images that I selected as fragments from the painting I made from the NASA photo. As things stand it is my intention to develop one or two of these into bigger abstract images .